New Year, New Job

As some of you may know, I switched industries in December and have been working in-house for a financial services company, growing and managing their social media program. This is pretty much my first corporate job (*egads*), and it is a challenge. I’m used to being scrappy and nimble and not having any budget to implement campaigns. Now, I’ve got a budget (yay!), there are processes and infrastructure to build and a few layers of approvals to go through. So that’s the ‘meh’ news. The good news: it’s a challenge I haven’t had an opportunity to tackle in a for-profit before.

Here’s what I like about my new job and the way it’s set up so far:

  1. The program is at level one, which means there’s nowhere to go but up!
  2. I like my new team a lot. Each has a different function that I’ve tried to understand and learn where I could fit in and help and vice versa. On a sidenote: they’re all foodies and can find the best places to eat around the area. Plus!
  3. So far, in my professional life, I’ve struck gold in landing jobs where my direct manager is terrific, supportive and helpful. I can’t believe my continued good luck.
  4. I sit very close to the customer service team. There is precious real estate where my team sits, and so I was moved here. It would be a terrific experiment to place a few people from other departments in the vicinity, and vice versa. I believe there is a bit of learning through osmosis (or sitting near someone who’s not on your department).
  5. Biggest challenge for me: Listening to what our customers are saying about us on social media. It’s been a learning experience, and I think part of the challenge is finding the right voice online. I’m a month in, and I’m still testing.
  6. Second biggest challenge: Federal regulations, legal/compliance rules. This isn’t like a CPG where you can post anything you want on social media. There are some consumer-friendly topics I can’t touch, even if it’s indirect. This is where I struggle a little because I’m so off-the-cuff with my old clients (and it was ok with them).
  7. Biggest challenge company-wide: Connecting the pieces for other departments. I want them to have the “ah ha!” moment. I’m in the process of creating a preso for the company (or those who want free lunch) on why social media is needed here, why I need their help and how we’re going to take this on. I think it’s important to show why I am and will be constantly in their face (customer service and direct marketing) so they understand my needs and how I can help them hit their own department goals. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve attached to everyone in the company with dotted lines.

Well, there you have it. I’ll revisit this in six months to report where I’ve been and whether I still feel the same about the new gig.

When in doubt, I always go back to conversations with my late mentor who always pushed me to try new things to challenge myself, to keep out of my comfort zone.


  1. Chris Lam says:

    New Year, New Job [blog post] #challenges

  2. Chris Lam says:

    New Year, New Job [blog post] #challenges

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