Motion Picture Costumers 705 – Social Media Decks

Thank you so much, Motion Picture Costumers 705, ADG800 and Costume Designers 892, for your hospitality and enthusiasm! I had a terrific time this past weekend, leading the LinkedIn and Twitter workshops and labs. I hope you got some practical tips and help for each platform. I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn and Twitter!

For clarification, there was a question regarding LinkedIn’s terms of service (TOS). What you post is what you own.

As requested, please see below. I’ve embedded the decks for your files. The unions will also be making the decks available. You can also use the Slideshare links to download the files for your use. These are for you to share and reference back anytime.


Social Media Overview: Twitter


Social Media Overview: LinkedIn




Holla, Motion Picture Costumers 705!

Long time no write. Apologies if you’ve been checking this site on and off. It is in the middle of a website rehaul – and I’m finally back from maternity leave. You probably won’t see the new web design until late September as we are still working on elements to add and take off of here.


iatse-local705-logoIn the meantime, welcome, Motion Picture Costumers 705! I’m excited to speak and showcase LinkedIn and Twitter for you this coming weekend!

We’re going to have a short “lecture” where I’ll give an overview of each platform and then we’ll move into Lab, where we can get some hands-on work done. If you can log in and create a profile on Twitter and LinkedIn, we’ll get going a little faster. But if you want to do this during the Lab portion, so be it. I’ll run it step-by-step with a pseduo profile, and we’ll talk about the elements.


In the next post, I’ll be uploading the decks (slides) so you can download them. See you soon!

Affiliate Marketing Programs and Networks

Blogging itself is not new. Neither is affiliate marketing. You know those display ads you see on or your favorite blogger’s site? They’re monetizing their site using a myriad of ad networks and affiliate marketing programs. They could be using Google Adsense, which [magically uses your search history and] displays relevant ads as you visit your favorite sites. If a blogger is adding a suggestion on what to purchase or links a favorite product to its Amazon URL, they’re most likely in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you’re interested in adding advertisement to your blog or would like to research the different affiliate networks out there, look no further. Pick one or two programs from the list below and get your monetizing started! (Note: While this list is long, there are plenty more affiliates and ad networks out there.)

Affiliate Marketing Programs and Ad Networks


Infographic by

Infographic by


If you’re already on an affiliate network and/or using an ad network, I’d love to hear how you’re doing with your blog monetization!

Tune In: I’m Speaking at TECHmunch LA – Disneyland Resort!

The news came down earlier this week, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at TECHmunch LA! TECHmunch conferences are designed to help foodie and lifestyle bloggers, content creators, and publishers gain hands-on digital media, social media, marketing and business skills. We’re talking SEO, social media platform implementation, learning how to brand your blog/business, and even plating your food for photographs and videos.

I’ll be joining Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans and founder of #journchat), Natalie Gourvitch (@ngourvitch) of SquareSpace, and moderator Rich DeMuro (@richdemuro) from the KTLA Morning News! We’re talking “The Future of Blogging” – what do you think blogging will look like in the next year or two?

The conference is sold out but you can still jump on your computer and watch the conference LIVE on Thursday! I’ll also be live-tweeting the panels before mine. Plus follow the hashtag #Techmunch on Twitter for live updates from every attendee!

Grand Californian Hotel & Spa - Disneyland Resort - TECHmunch LA

Grand Californian Hotel & Spa – Disneyland Resort – TECHmunch LA

If you’re not in LA, that’s ok. TECHmunch is also hitting the road again with conferences in Austin, NYC, Toronto, Minneapolis, and Tampa!