Forever 21 vs

I originally posted this on a group blog.


As you may all know, the blog provides snarky commentary about some of the fashion mistakes Forever 21 makes. (Fashion mistakes = my take on some of their product.) And as you know by now, Forever 21 (F21) sent a cease and desist letter to blogger Rachel Kane (owner of

Let the hilarity ensue!

The fact that F21 has made this into a big deal is ridiculous. F21 and similar companies copy fashion designers all the time. (See: Steve Madden) In fact, F21 has been in over 50 lawsuits filed against them for copyright infringement.

If you’ve read Kane’s blog, you’ll see that she states she LIKES F21 and just highlights some of the questionable fashions. She’s funny and engaging. Sure, no one likes to get made fun of. I know I don’t. However, she is not doing it maliciously nor is she telling consumers to not buy product. F21 should consider themselves pleased to have spawned a blog that is practically dedicated to them. (Fine, not exactly highlighting the BEST products but still.)

If F21’s PR folks don’t get a handle on this, it will become an even bigger nightmare for them. As a social media professional, I can tell you that this requires crisis communication management. Clearly, your attorneys are leading this debacle, and I bet your PR firm is clawing at you, begging you to drop this.

Do us all a favor, F21. Drop it. You’re going to lose in the popular vote.