Is This Thing On? Misc Updates

Hello! I keep looking at this blog, trying to figure out what I want to do, and what I want to write. I do have a few topics to write about…

  • My experience with the W Hotel in NYC – using social media to get heard
  • Blaze PR, where I help manage the social media program, is looking for a few good interns
  • A post about the LACOT (LA Consortium of Online Travel) and its first inaugural meet-up
  • Misc Updates

Sorry for the lack of blog posts! On a positive note, I do tweet daily… (I know, not the same.)

Tech notes

Dear all,

I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’m not sure if it will stay here. I’m a little pressed for time, so I haven’t had a chance to revamp this website. (This is ironic. Trust me.)

While it might not be as sexy, I think I’ll make this into my Twitterfeed. Follow me at

I might also share my RSS reader on this site, so that you can see what I’m reading and I don’t have to keep posting awesome articles from the blog and news sources I read.

Tomorrow, Karim and I are going to President Obama’s Town Hall in LA! I had sent the link for the lottery, and Karim won! Never fear, I’ve got my Flipcam and digicam ready for filming. I’ll do my best to tweet while I’m there. W00t!

Free and Easy Websites

Thanks to Twittersearch and friends, I found a couple of websites that offer non-techie people an easy way to build their own websites. Nice. I love technology, and I love the way the “digital divide” closes in some parts of the gap. Not everyone was schooled in HTML nor can everyone pay for hosting services. Here are two places you can build your own:

  1. Weebly – I learned about this one while perusing a colleague’s site. I just created another website there to see how easy it could be for a layperson. After all, after 10 years of not coding HTML and building my site, I’ve become somewhat a non-techie layperson.
  2. DevHub – Once I tweeted about Weebly, DevHub followed me. I looked at their site, and voila, another competitor!

Hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to report back my thoughts on both sites, usability, and ease.