Referral Sources vs Campaign Sources

Today’s post – Google Analytics! Thanks to @A_Crutch for helping, and I thought I would expand on the topic here.

Here’s the gist of it: Our clients ask that we append UTM codes to any links that get posted. (Links that refer back to their websites, of course.) Links that we post on social media sites like and are coded, which then gets tagged as a Campaign in GA.

  • Does this mean that Referral Sources and Campaign Sources are mutually exclusive?
    • Am I double-counting?
  • Does this mean I can count Referral traffic AND Campaign traffic together when reporting Inbound Traffic?

    • Can I fold the Campaign Traffic numbers into the Referral Traffic, as campaigns are posted on social media platforms (that are being tracked under Referral Sources)?

I think I’ve answered two of my three questions.

  • Yes, Referral Sources and Campaign Traffic are mutually exclusive
  • No, I am not double-counting
  • No, Campaign Traffic should be flagged when you are looking for “popular” links that got visitors to click through and subsequently, back to the client’s website
  • As for the third question – I don’t know. Currently we don’t sum these because we’re looking at specific inbound traffic sources for a few of our clients.

I pulled the analytics from this website to show my logic. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Campaign Sources (UTM coded links)

Referral Sources

Google Analytics Traffic Overview

According to the Traffic Sources Overview screenshot, the Campaign Source is labeled “Other.” Well, if that’s right, I’m NOT double-counting referral traffic if I add Referral Sources + Campaign Sources.

In this example of my site, the 85 visits that came in in July = Direct Traffic + Referring Sites + Search Engines + Campaign Sources. Am I right or am I missing a detail?? I’m waiting for Google to get back to me, but if you, humble reader, has the answer, I’d love to hear from you!

Recap of Goo Goo Over Google Analytics

SMCLA posted a nice summary of the event last Tuesday on Google Analytics. You should take a look. Track track track. I’m tracking now.

Apparently I have friends in Russia and China, checking out this blog. (Thanks, guys!) Hope you weren’t looking for pr0n because there isn’t any here. Heh. I couldn’t even code pr0n if I wanted to. Javascript, PHP, and my enemy, Flash? Nope.

Happenings This Week

Hey all,
It’s going to be a busy week this week. Oh, HI, how are you?

I’ve been thinking about what to do with this website. I’ll try to blog regularly about events and activities around the LA area re: marketing, social media, and PR. If you’re really interested in my book choices, running log, and randomness, head over to my personal blog.

Now, back to business!

Patty's Pizza

First up, one of clients I work with is Patty’s Pizza in Santa Monica. They’re having a good-bye/moving party on Monday night from 4pm-10pm. I’ll be there to help get videos of customers and friends with my trusty Flipcam. (Hi, how much do I love my Flipcam!? I wish I had more opportunities to take video.) Come by and say hello! Patty’s is celebrating 22 years in the pizza biz, and they’re starting up their online/delivery business. Follow them on Twitter here – @pattyspizza.

Here’s the address of the party:

625 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403

X – 7th and Montana

Second, Social Media Club LA (SMCLA) is hosting a Google Analytics presentation at the Mahalo offices. It’s this Tuesday night at 7pm. Get your ticket here! I’ll be there, along with the Grandmaster Flash of Social Media (@serena), my partner-in-social-media-crime @r0b3rta, and a couple of new friends I made via @katcalbes and @serena. (Hi, Garick! Hi, Robyn!)

Here’s the address of the Mahalo offices:

902 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

See you at both events!