Move Your Butt, Social Media Jockeys

You’ve seen this article and infographic on Mashable if you’re a social media professional. So what are you doing about it? Move your butt. Take a break. Take a walk. You tell yourself,”No, I’ve got to do this one more thing on the computer.” No, you don’t. Is your project going to die or blow up in your face if you leave for 15 minutes? I don’t think so.

So get up, stretch, walk down the block and come back. Grab a coworker with you! I just did this yesterday – I booked a meeting with my colleague and we walked around two blocks.



The Twitter Effect

Mashable published a blog post about new ideas for social media marketers. The last point was to embrace the Twitter Effect. The author highlighted the recent premiere of Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds.”

There’s a nice pie chart of who tweeted what, % of tweets that were positive, etc.

While Twitter is a great gauge of what tech-savvy, Twitter users are saying about a movie, I’m hard-pressed to believe that they represent a giant population of moviegoers. What about the Twitter users who don’t give a crap about the movie and didn’t bother to tweet about it because it either would make the movie a bigger trending topic regardless of opinion? Or they didn’t tweet because it wasn’t important for them.

If anyone has a chart or graphic that shows the reach of Twitter users, I’d love to see it. I think it would be helpful to see if tweets go unread the same way someone has 500 friends on Facebook but only actively communicates with 20 of them.