SF Half Marathon – check!

I’m back from a few days in San Francisco. I ran my third half marathon – the San Francisco Half Marathon last Sunday, and I finished the CA Dreamin’ Series and picked up my fancy jacket and medal. A race report will be posted on my personal blog: whatiruninto.com, so go there if you’re interested in reading my fun experience!

You didn’t think I’d leave the social media out of this post, did you? I foursquared the Golden Gate Bridge when I was running. At the Expo, I met Danica, the ChicRunner – she’s running blog royalty if you didn’t know. During the race, I accosted Running Green Girl, another running blogger from So Cal. And of course, after the race, I found Sheryl of Running in Pigtails (and my personal friend). w00t! I love that social media and blogging has integrated itself in real life sports like running.

Some accomplishments of note:

  • I hit my “A” Goal of running the race in less than 3 hours!
  • I shaved off 17 minutes from my first half marathon (Long Beach 2009)!

I’m really proud of myself. The first time I tried to run was 12 months ago. It originally took me three weeks to get up to ONE MILE. Quite an accomplishment to complete three half marathons, if I don’t say so myself.

Up next? I’m looking at training for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon this December. (Now who wants to join me?)

Some photos:

Chicrunner (Danica) and me

Carbo-loading at Caffe Sport - DELISH!

Bi-Rite Creamery - who can say no??

Duck confit at Q - next time, mac n cheese w/ tots!

On my way to the finish line

Sheryl (Running in Pigtails) and me - with our bling!

Surf City training

As you may know, I completed my first Half Marathon back in October. I was on such a high, I decided to sign up for a second Half Marathon!

(High on fumes, that is. What am I doing!)

Well, seeing that there is no refund on registering for the Surf City Half/Marathon, I’m “forced” to train. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll see that I have barely kept a regular training schedule. This is not good.

I signed up on dailymile.com via @anotorias’s tweet, hoping that I would miraculously start running every other day again. Um. No, that has not happened. But dailymile.com seems to be a pretty good platform for exercisers. It also connects to your FB, if you like.

/brain burp

On to your regularly scheduled programming…