New Year, New Updates 2014

Happy new year! It’s been so long since I’ve published a blog post – even though I’ve had so much news to share from 2013! D’oh!


Social Media Club LA – @smc_LA

After serving three years on the Board of SMCLA (Social Media Club LA), I rolled off this year to focus on my consultancy. During my tenure, I was able to increase social media engagement on both Facebook and Twitter as well as set records for new membership! SMCLA was able to bring in new members to help support our awesome monthly events. I’m proud to say I was part of this program.

Last week, old and new Board members met to kickoff off the new year as well as handoff materials and knowledge to the new members. I am wholly confident that this new Board is going to expand our presence even more. The roster is impressive, and I highly recommend those of you in the LA area to attend of our monthly events. (You just missed January’s happy hour, but February is right around the corner!)


Dating is Big Business, Esp with Social Media

feb 2013 dating panel

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Ok my Gays and Straights and Inbetweeners, we all know dating is a pain in the butt. I remember my teens and 20s. There was a lot of “you’re dating THAT GUY?! Why!!!??? ” from my friends. There was some “OMG why did I say yes?” to dates. Google wasn’t so big yet, so we couldn’t google everyone for their police records. Ha!

Let’s put a social media lens to the online dating scene.

Yes, we see there are dating sites everywhere –, OK Cupid, plenty of fish – and even apps – Grindr, Crazy Blind Date, Skout. How does social media lend itself within these websites and apps? Is it just a “share” functionality they’re slapping on? Do these programs create better networking (not a euphemism for sex) and dating?

SMCLA is putting on a panel of online dating experts to talk about the impact social media has had within the dating scene and within their  businesses. I’m particularly interested in hearing Scott Lewallen, a co-founder of Grindr! A friend of mine had just used the Grindr app in a video contest, and I thought it was a brilliant “prop.”

We’ll be at General Assembly in Santa Monica. RSVP now and save your place. Who knows, you just might meet someone too!


SMCLA joins forces with SMWLA: Sept 24 Social Media & Retail

SMCLA social media and retail september 24 2012

Join me and SMCLA on Sept. 24! Social Media for Retail.

Join me on Monday, September 24 at Cross Campus as we bring Turbo-Charging Social Media Engagement in Retail to you! SMCLA is hosting a panel with the likes of Laura Knapp of Social Spotlight Media; John Tabis of ShoeDazzle; and Nicole DeRuiter of Fresh & Easy! My friend and mentor Serena Ehrlich is moderating. You may know her as the current Marketing Director of Mogreet. I’ll also take “The tallest social media woman I know” as an answer.

Tickets are only $10 – come on, you can afford $10. SMCLA keeps tickets low so that everyone can join in the conversation. Help us keep them low.

I’ll see you there! If you have questions, tweet me at @thechrislam or @smc_LA. One of us will get back to you!

RSVP right here!


Not too late to attend Monday’s 7/30 SMCLA event!


Social Media Club LA – @smc_LA

It’s not too late to RSVP and grab your ticket for Monday night’s panel – “Can I Tweet That?” Social Media in Regulated Industries.

I’m moderating a fantastic panel – Julie MacMedan (VP of Investor Relations, Demand Media); Julie Linn (VP of Compliance, Green Dot); Erik Deutsch (Principal, Excel PR); Dustin Luther (Head of Social Media, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.), and Serena Ehrlich (Director of Marketing, Mogreet). These guys are experts in working through the rules and regs of a regulated industry and still moving social media forward within public companies.

If you’re interested in social media in PUBLIC companies, you should attend! We’re adding that extra layer that all regulated companies have to deal with. Learn about this side of things.

Tickets are only $15. We try to keep all SMCLA events affordable so everyone can join in the conversation. They are usually $10 before the day of the event!

We’ll be at the Yahoo! Community Center on the corner of 26th and Broadway in Santa Monica. Park in the underground parking lot, and we’ll validate your parking. (You know I love free parking!) If you’re familiar with the Daily Grill in Santa Monica, it’s on the other side of the block.